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CHAMPKEY Golf Grips 13 Pack with tape and tools

CHAMPKEY Golf Grips 13 Pack with tape and tools

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CHAMPKEY Golf Grips 13 Pack | Come with 15 Tapes, Vise Clamp and Hook Blade | All Weather Control and High Feedback Golf Grips

  • Package Includes : 13 * golf grips, re-gripping instructions !

  • Cross Cotton Thread Tech : Increased the number of cotton threads and distributed them in the upper half grip through cross technology to provide excellent durability, stability and control.

  • Micro-Texture Technology : The grip's soft micro-texture increases traction and comfort that combine with brushed cotton thread forming "All-weather control" Performance let you enjoy golf easily in any condition.

  • Responsive Material : The lower hand of grip is made by responsive material that providing precise ball feedback and soft feel,reduce the hand pressure.

  • Taper Profile : The grip has traditional taper profile that encourages lighter grip pressure, promoting less tension in the hands and creating more fluidity and power throughout the swing.


    Brand Name: Champkey

    Material: RUBBER

    Length: 270mm

    Core size: 0.60 round

    Size: Standard Midsize

    Material: Rubber

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